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NDArchitects is Ontario-based licensed architectural practice, with expertise in range of residential architectural designs for family living and lifestyle.

The Principal Natasa Djordjevic has travelled extensively, and lived in Yugoslavia, Zambia, Iraq, UAE and Canada, studying and gaining professional experience as an Architect. She carries a balance, as the specialty of the firm, between traditional and contemporary house design, for which there is such a growing appreciation lately in North America.

Natasa returned to Toronto to start her own architectural practice, based on diverse set of skills gained In previous work on large and medium project. The accomplishments in these fields are influence and richness in her experience to now focus on one family homes design. The leadership experience and skills help her to maintain easy and productive communication with customers and stakeholders. Promoting and incorporating sustainable principles in design is her long-term vision as well.

The first thing you will notice is that we ask many questions, some of which you might not have even considered. Good design requires superior communication.
Having a well formulated design brief and the features of your property, we start developing design plans and, over a time, take it through design stages.

Most of our Clients have one common denominator – they need personalized homes with the character of their family lifestyle.

Rapport with Client, as an emotional connection for strong in-depth collaborative design, will give you harmony of everyday life in your home, the environment where you grow and thrive in. This is the way we want you to feel, everyday and for the rest of your life.

The philosophy of NDArchitects is that a good design can reflect a Client’s lifestyle on almost any budget.


We get to know your land and lifestyle, as the basis for a successful project. The full discovery of your design brief and site analysis is the precursor before we start developing design. It is processed with your engagement and our full help that you quickly feel being in control of your own project.

This transparent approach is the way that you will be able to give your best contribution. The process eliminates assumptions; everything is discussed, clarified and agreed. It benefits you with the confidence of your right choice of architect and your approvals of design decisions, and gives you the enjoyment of experience in achieving the best results in your highest expectations. Your dream home will so have the personality, the character, tailored to the best for a given budget.

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