How to Take Charge of Your Project Design Even if it’s Your First Time

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Where To Start And What To Consider

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  • How to to start on the right foot, the step-by-step process of preparation for your design
  • Why the looks and feel of space are same important and how to achieve it
  • How to avoid project complications and costly delays
  • How to create a design brief
  • What to consider you may not have thought of
  • and much more!

A good working relationship with your architect is based on open, honest communication. This starts with a good brief that helps the architect understand your expectations, preferences, wants, needs, aspirations and lifestyle. If your expectations are not clearly outlined and understood by all parties, you run the risk of spending unnecessary money, project complications, and costly delays. The designer and contractor will struggle to understand what to include when pricing your project.

This guide will help you cover critical aspects of a design brief. A well thought-out design brief is the foundation for a successful project.
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How to Take Charge of Your Project Design Even if You Do it First Time

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    NDArchitects is Ontario-based licensed architectural practice, with expertise in range of residential architectural designs for family living and lifestyle. Specialty, beside traditional homes, in contemporary residential design with the belief it gives the Client best tailored space planning as per their actual needs and wants.

    We provide design for homes for all situations in young growing families to downsizing for seniors. The approach to your project is based on your lifestyle and your land to create your beautiful spaces, on almost any budget. We face all your problems together with you.

    NDArchitects services provide you with the comfort of having clear brief for design, and understood process of how we do your project; our know how will help you to be in control of your own project in close collaboration with the architect, without extra work expenses and with no delays with construction documents.

    The respect of a Client’s money, exacting detailing, standards in design, execution of the projects are the forte of the practice. So are the integrity, dedication to Client and respect on the business side.

    Promoting and incorporating sustainable design strategies is part of our long-term vision. We are also oriented to accessibility issues, as the appreciation of comfortable use of spaces and furniture for any individual, young and old, healthy or sick, has resulted in growing awareness lately.

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